The Course

We can tailor your driving lessons to your personal individual needs or you can follow THE COURSE guide below.


The most common way to learn is to have one to two lessons a week, usually taking about 8-12 weeks. We will show you simple, easy and LOGICAL ways how to do things (ways that make sense) and explanations so you also understand and know why…….. Not just to do things/steps that make no sense. YOU CAN USE OUR METHODS ON YOUR CAR AT HOME AND HAVE THEM WORK. We have FREE “homework” material also that you can use to study at home if you want to help you learn including reading, diagrams and videos.


Generally we structure the lessons in the following way:

Lesson 1

The starting proceedure, Car controls, Pulling into and out of the Kerb (without Freaking out your Passengers) Scanning and Observation Skills, looking well ahead (How, Where and When to Look so you can be more aware of what is around you and see more things), How to Brake and Accelerate Smoothly without causing wiplash or launching into the air.

Lesson 2

Steering Techniques (What you Can and Can’t do and how to Steer more Smoothly and Easily), Cornering positioning (Turning Left and Right- road and lane positioning), co-ordinating steering, braking & vision.

Lesson 3

Roundabouts- steering and signalling, Timing entry, Handling curves & bends, Common problems at roundabouts, Dangers in traffic, Managing simple intersections.

Lesson 4

Safe Driving Techniques, Hazard awareness (Defensive Driving Skills- tactics to keep yourself alive, others and how to reduce or prevent an accident happeneng even if it is not your fault… YES! this is in your practical driving test)

Lesson 5

Changing lanes in medium traffic, Road Signs & markings, Managing traffic lights and other traffic encounters, Merging lanes.

Lesson 6

Right turns at traffic light intersections with and without Arrows (Right and Left turns), changing lanes in busier traffic.

Lesson 7

Introduction to Freeway & City driving.

Lesson 8

Turning around, 3 point turns & U turns, Hill starts – uphill & downhill.

Lesson 9

Parallel Reverse Parking & controlling the car in reverse, Carpark parking reversing in & entering in forwards. Squeezy carpark parks.

Lesson 10

Driving test preparation, Mock test & test routes.

We can also cover with you:


  • The Test Area & Test Routes plus common Fail items so you know what to expect on the test
  • Wet Weather and Night Driving
  • Country driving & gravel roads
  • Advanced Driving Skills- how to and not to take turns safely
  • Car Craft (Fueling up your car, Checking oil, water & coolant levels, Checking tyre air pressure)
  • What to do in Case of an Emergency eg: Tyre blow outs, accelerator gets stuck, windsceen shatters, incase of a skid, what to do in a break down situation etc
  • What to do in Case of an Accident- getting all the correct information Managing confined parking spaces & narrow Drive throughs.

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