Professional Driving Instructor in the EASTERN SUBURBS, BAYSIDE, ROCKDALE areas

Choosing a driving instructor that will help you pass your practical driving assessment is crucial.

There are a lot of different driving schools out there and THEY ARE NOT ALL THE SAME!

Included Lessons

Different driving schools & instructors operate differently and to different standards. Julia from A. Auto Julia’s Driving School offers driving lessons with a professional driving instructor in the Eastern Suburbs, Baysidse, Rockdale areas. All lessons are with Julia who will get you closer to passing your driving test. Julia is a qualified, professional driving instructor in the Eastern Suburbs, Baysidse, Rockdale areas she makes sure all her lessons include:

  • A planned training program
  • Structured lessons where she will show you what to do, explain what is required in a way you can easily understand and then let you practice at your own pace
  • Give you feedback on how you are going
  • Tips for correcting mistakes
  • Homework, exercises and written notes for you to keep, practice and read over in your own time or use when you drive with other people
  • A quick review of your progress at the beginning and the end of each lesson
  • A record of your lessons and learning on a progress report sheet
  • You can do all the driving. There are some driving schools where they drive and you just sit & watch them drive.

The best way to prepare for your driving test is to practice as often as you can and practice at least twice a week with a professional driving instructor in the Eastern Suburbs, Baysidse, Rockdale areas.


If you hold an Australian Learners Licence make sure you complete the Keys2Drive program: Contact Julia now to find out more about this free programme! Julia will also give you take home materials to study up further to improve your chances even more!

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