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Clear, Simple Instruction

ALL & EVERYONE WELCOME- All inclusive, non discriminatory, Specialising in Nervous Beginners, NIGHT DRIVING, Reverse Parking, Lane Changing, Roundabouts, MATURE LEARNERS, ANXIETY, REFRESHER Lessons, SENIORS, Work Place Driver Training, O/S Licence Conversions, SPECIAL NEEDS, Autism & Aspergers, Tourette, Stimming, Learning Difficulties, History of Road Trauma, PTSD, Defensive Driving Training, OT Driving Assessments, NDIS.


Clear and Simple Instruction

Julia from A. Auto Julia’s Driving School is a VERY PATIENT & CALM, Friendly, FEMALE driving instructor providing top quality professional driving lessons in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Bayside, St George & Inner West areas.

Her lessons are designed so you get the most value for your driving lesson investment. All lessons are with Julia who has over 23 years of teaching experience & is fully RMS accredited.


Your lessons with Julia will be structured with a proper focus and goal. At the end of the lesson you will feel that you have actually achieved something. Julia will also provide you with take home written notes, mini video demonstrations, diagrams and other study material which are ALL FREE. 

Teaching Style

This includes pre-lesson resources so you can learn even faster. Julia has a big focus on safety, awareness of your surroundings and following the road rules. The lessons can be intensive or you can take a more relaxed & slower approach. Julia can cater to whatever your needs are. If you would like to learn quickly, Julia has a 10 lesson mini package that will cover all the basics in a set defined timetable and you will know what you will do in each lesson right from the start.


Julia’s style is to explain things as clearly and simply as possible and in plenty of time, that way you can prepare early and reduce the effects of surprises. Julia can answer all your driving questions. Her goal is for you to learn as much as you can as as soon as you can and become the best and safest driver that you can be. Julia will try to make your lessons interesting, informative and fun.


Julia has been trained in both advanced & defensive driving techniques and has extensive experience teaching a wide range of students including:

  • University & High School students
  • Older mature age learners
  • people with Special Needs such as AUSTISM
  • Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Nervous Beginners
  • people with Learning Difficulties
  • Dyspraxia, Dyslexia
  • ADHD
  • people with a history of Road Traffic/Motor Vehicle Trauma
  • previously Failed drivers
  • Refresher Lessons
  • Overseas Licence Conversions
  • Seniors who have been recalled for driving reassessments and Work Driving Assessments.

Driving Techniques

One of Julia’s big specialities is teaching Reverse Parallel Parking. She can show you in just 10-15 minutes how to park anywhere, driving any vehicle (not just a driving school car), in any space even if the road curves and even if there are trees in between. You can use this “easy method” in whatever vehicle you or your family may have. Most people are surprised at how EASY Reverse Parking becomes.


Julia also specialises in teaching:

  • Lane Changing, Merging in Traffic
  • managing confusing Busy Intersections
  • Roundabouts
  • Driving Test Preparation
  • City & Freeway Driving and Night & Wet Weather driving.


Julia can explain all these topics easily and quickly. Julia prides herself in making the most difficult tasks SIMPLE. If this is your very first driving lesson or driving attempt Julia can get you started on the correct path so then you won’t need to unlearn bad habits.


For any enquiries you may send me a message.

*Due to the confined small environment of the car, we ask please in advance if you are able to PLEASE NOT:

  • wear any perfumes
  • colognes
  • fragrances
  • body sprays
  • strong smelling deodorants etc.

Because most of them can be quite intense especially on hot days even in tiny doses and they give others in the car headaches, stick to the seatbelt, soak into the car upholstery & can hang around for up to a week. Driving testers also complain that they can’t breathe & it also affects other students.

Freedom, Independence, Opportunities

Schedule & Location

Lessons are available during the week Mon to Fri from 6.30am-8:30pm & weekends by request.


Pick up and drop off locations are flexible so you’ll be able to find the perfect time to learn to drive. Don’t wait because Julia gets booked out quite quicky especially during holiday times!

Julia is very PATIENT, calm, friendly and Softly Spoken. If you are after a quality FEMALE driving instructor that provides driving school lessons in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, Bayside, St George  & Kogarah areas, that can teach anyone to drive, Julia is your person.


  • 10hrs (5days x 2hours) Lesson Package


  • Regular Lessons

    including Anxiety & Refresher lessons (Monday - Friday)

  • Medical, OT, Workplace Driver Training, PTSD, Defensive Driving & other Specialised Lessons

    Call for Quote

Please read these carefully:

  • Weekends by request
  • Out of area lessons may incur a travel out to you charge but we can meet you at a local public transport stop such as a train or light rail stop.

Driving Benefits

Having a drivers licence can mean:

  • having a job or getting a better one
  • the ability to travel more freely
  • do your groceries
  • go to the shop
  • visit friends
  • start a new hobby or do a sport, etc.

Being able to drive yourself whenever and wherever you chose means you don’t need to rely on anyone to give you a lift or have to deal with the vargaries of needing to rely on public transport. When you can drive yourself you have FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE and OPPORTUNITIES that you don’t otherwise have.

Other things Julia offer

Julia offers a variety of lesson packages in either her brand new automatic Dual Control Hybrid Toyota Corolla or your own car. Whatever driving skills you need to master, Julia can help.

If you would like to learn manual, Julia can train you in your car.

Julia’s school is also child friendly. If you have a child car seat you are most welcome to bring your child on your lesson.

What the Students say

morgan phoenix
morgan phoenix
10 July 2023
julia is incredible! i was so anxious driving before and within 2 months working with julia, i got my license! super calm and very good with people who have driving anxiety!!
21 March 2023
Julia was such a great instructor! Helped develop my skills and confidence (especially in parking) and was always super patient. Would definitely recommend. Thank you!!
Susan M
Susan M
27 February 2023
I picked Julia because I don't think anyone could be a more reluctant and anxious learner than me. Her website said nervous learners were catered for, and from the beginning of the first lesson I could see that she was ready and willing to be patient, and encouraging enough to match my (low!) level of confidence. Having never been in the driver's seat before and getting past middle-aged, I needed all the support I could get, and Julia delivered. I have no hesitation recommending her for any learner needing to go from zero experience to safely driving in Sydney traffic.
Camilla Gulli
Camilla Gulli
23 February 2023
Love Julia. She really made me feel at ease and was so accommodating to my preferred learning style. She's personable, kind and really good at explaining manoeuvres. She always listened to me and really felt like my partner in this process. Got my licence first time.
Tal Amiray
Tal Amiray
20 February 2023
Had a great experience preparing for my driving test, Julia was professional and knowledgeable and helped me get well prepared. Will definitely recommend her!
Dalinda Quinonez
Dalinda Quinonez
15 February 2023
I haven’t driven for a long time so I booked a refresher lesson with Julia. She was extremely patient with me and a fantastic teacher! She made sure to reassure me when practicing my parking skills. I definitely recommend her.
Lyn W
Lyn W
14 February 2023
Highly recommend Julia as best driving instructor in the Eastern Suburbs and so much better than my other instructor. I am actually looking forward to driving manual now. I wasn't like that after my first lesson with the other instructor. He made me feel so bad that it turned me off from learning manual. But with Julia, I actually want to keep practicing. And I'm actually more confident to sit next to my son for him to practice too. Win win for all 👍🏻 Julia has amazing patience and teaches the right way before you even start driving. Her explanations and guidance is really helpful for someone who has anxiety and great help for my son who has autism. Don’t go to cheap driving instructors. They will just waste your time and money. Julia is worth every dollar. Thank you Julia for providing both my son and I the confidence to drive manual. All the very best to you x
Alexa Painemilla
Alexa Painemilla
6 February 2023
Julia is a fantastic instructor! I would strongly recommend her to anyone battling anxiety disorder like myself. She is sweet, patient, and a great communicator. I have tried 5+ instructors and Julia is the best by far.
Bo Saentri
Bo Saentri
23 January 2023
I took driving lessons with Julia a week ago and was very impressed with her teaching styles and knowledge of how to help students feel relaxed and comfortable on the road. she helps me gain confidence on the road. thanks very much for the practical knowledge. highly recommended
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