morgan phoenix
morgan phoenix
10 July 2023
julia is incredible! i was so anxious driving before and within 2 months working with julia, i got my license! super calm and very good with people who have driving anxiety!!
21 March 2023
Julia was such a great instructor! Helped develop my skills and confidence (especially in parking) and was always super patient. Would definitely recommend. Thank you!!
Susan M
Susan M
27 February 2023
I picked Julia because I don't think anyone could be a more reluctant and anxious learner than me. Her website said nervous learners were catered for, and from the beginning of the first lesson I could see that she was ready and willing to be patient, and encouraging enough to match my (low!) level of confidence. Having never been in the driver's seat before and getting past middle-aged, I needed all the support I could get, and Julia delivered. I have no hesitation recommending her for any learner needing to go from zero experience to safely driving in Sydney traffic.
Camilla Gulli
Camilla Gulli
23 February 2023
Love Julia. She really made me feel at ease and was so accommodating to my preferred learning style. She's personable, kind and really good at explaining manoeuvres. She always listened to me and really felt like my partner in this process. Got my licence first time.
Tal Amiray
Tal Amiray
20 February 2023
Had a great experience preparing for my driving test, Julia was professional and knowledgeable and helped me get well prepared. Will definitely recommend her!
Dalinda Quinonez
Dalinda Quinonez
15 February 2023
I haven’t driven for a long time so I booked a refresher lesson with Julia. She was extremely patient with me and a fantastic teacher! She made sure to reassure me when practicing my parking skills. I definitely recommend her.
Lyn W
Lyn W
14 February 2023
Highly recommend Julia as best driving instructor in the Eastern Suburbs and so much better than my other instructor. I am actually looking forward to driving manual now. I wasn't like that after my first lesson with the other instructor. He made me feel so bad that it turned me off from learning manual. But with Julia, I actually want to keep practicing. And I'm actually more confident to sit next to my son for him to practice too. Win win for all 👍🏻 Julia has amazing patience and teaches the right way before you even start driving. Her explanations and guidance is really helpful for someone who has anxiety and great help for my son who has autism. Don’t go to cheap driving instructors. They will just waste your time and money. Julia is worth every dollar. Thank you Julia for providing both my son and I the confidence to drive manual. All the very best to you x
Alexa Painemilla
Alexa Painemilla
6 February 2023
Julia is a fantastic instructor! I would strongly recommend her to anyone battling anxiety disorder like myself. She is sweet, patient, and a great communicator. I have tried 5+ instructors and Julia is the best by far.
Bo Saentri
Bo Saentri
23 January 2023
I took driving lessons with Julia a week ago and was very impressed with her teaching styles and knowledge of how to help students feel relaxed and comfortable on the road. she helps me gain confidence on the road. thanks very much for the practical knowledge. highly recommended

Julio Osorio is a great instructor she’s very calm and patient and helps you prepare for the test. I had many other instructors but she was the best. She helped me develop my spacial awareness with techniques on how to drive effectively and safely on the road. Today I passed my test first go

Vannessa (Lakemba)


Julia is a fantastic driving instructor. I’m a very anxious person especially when it comes to driving, I have had two very bad experiences before where my instructor would literally make my anxiety go up the roof.
Julia just in two sessions manages to get me comfortable driving and I had no anxiety at the end of the second hour.
I’m now looking forward to driving. I would highly recommend Julia, she has a very nurturing and calm personality and is a delight to be around.
It’s worth every penny. If you afraid to drive Julia is your person to go to. Thank you Julia!

Kasia N (Matraville)


Highly recommend to anyone! I was such a nervous driver at the start but thanks to Julia I soon got over that. She has such a calming nature and such a good way of explaining everything. I now have my licence thanks to her and I couldn’t be happier 🙂 Thank you once again Julia.

Harmony F (Coogee)


Julia’s approach to parking makes learning to drive so much easier. After years of attempts she had me parking in one lesson and I passed my test first go. She was very flexible and happy for me to bring my young children to me lessons. This flexibility and her calm nature made it a very positive experience.

Lesley W


A huge thanks to Julia for being a great driving instructor. You are so friendly and very patient and made me feel very much at ease and made me feel very confident behind the wheel. I had other lessons from another driving school but found Julia to be more beneficial. Her methods are so clear and easy and simple to follow. Julia not only thought me how to reverse parallel park in the smallest of spaces but how I can also park in shopping center car parks. Julia also made sure I understood the required rules and regulations and the driving techniques required to pass the driving test. I did 4 hours of lessons with Julia over two days before my test and Without her help I couldn’t have passed. I highly recommend Julia.



Hi Julia,
I just wanted to take a second to thank you for everything you did for me and i appreciate the patience you showed with me, you where by far the most caring, well prepared and the best all round instructor i’ve ever had or heard of. Thank you for helping me pass my driving test.
Nick P 


Julias Driving School was by far the best driving school experience that i’ve had.  Julia was my 3rd and final driving instructor and by far the best out of any other instructors i’ve heard about or had first hand experience with.
Julia has an amazing level of patience and breaks down each situation making things easy to understand and easy to complete, i recognised that if i had any other instructor they would of reacted in a more impatient and angry manner towards the mistakes i made at the start of my time with  Julia, but she stuck with me and never gave up on me. Seeing how happy Julia was on the day that i passed my driving test just made the whole experience even better.
Thank you Julia and i will be sure to let any of my friends or family members who are looking for a competent driving instructor know about the elite service you provided.
RATING: 10/10 – By far the best instructor i ever had
Nick P


Hi Julia!
Hope are well! Though I am late, I just thought to pass on huge thanks and compliments to your for being a great driving Instructor!
You are a fantastic driving instructor, friendly, chatty and very patient.  You made sure I feel confident behind the wheel.
Thank You!!
Warm Regards,


Hi Julia
Review about You
Julia is very patient and friendly instructor. She explains everything in a simple manner with Pictures and examples. She gives good opportunities to learn and practice driving by my own by good guidance. In that way I gained self confidence on road.


Hi Juliana, I’d like to thank u for being patience n teaching pooja driving to yr best of tell u the truth initially I was not even sure if pooja will agree to pull through more than one or two lessons..Pooja & I both agree u r very good instructor yet she would get angry at me for forcing her to take lessons cause she says is just not interested to learn…but I can a huge difference in pooja’s attitude after last week’s lesson she had with u..she seemed happy n settled (touch wood) she was not grumpy for once so I’m now getting confident that with u being pooja’s instructor n with yr help n support pooja will def succeed in learning to drive…my youngest daughter turns 16 next year in oct n I’m going to get her started learning to drive with u as soon as she turns 16..she thinks different from pooja n is already excited to learn to drive..thank you again :))


Hi Julia, I would like thank u so much for being so patience n teaching Pooja so well..I’m thankful to God to have sent Pooja’s way a lovely instructor like u..Julia


We sought Julia’s assistance to provide some “polish” to our 17 year old’s learner driving. Whilst he was confident, he needed to learn the finer points and techniques of driving, and as well having learnt initially in the USA, he needed to complete a full transition to full confidence on the left hand side of the road. We were very happy with the service provided by Julia. Friendly and calming and provided the instruction required. The proof of the pudding is in the making as the old saying goes and we were pleased that our son passed his practical driving assessment on the first attempt.
Thanks Julia: Regards Dad Trevor & Student Harry


Hi Julia , just wanted to say thankyou for the few lessons I had with you. Passed my PDA on first try today and probably would’ve failed without your help. Regards,


I have had a driver’s license for the last 74 years. Imagine my surprise when I received a letter telling me that the Department of Transport had reason to believe that I may no longer be able to safely drive a motor vehicle. They asked that I must demonstrate this ability by completing and passing a practical driving assessment. I was very worried that I might lose my license. I booked a one and a half hour session with Julia to upgrade my skills. She told me 3 things I was doing wrong before I drove my car out of the driveway. She explained the new system that I could fail by exceeding the speed limit by 1 km, not stopping before the solid white line at a stop sign and not looking into the mirrors every 5 – 10 seconds and not looking at my blind spot when turning right or left. This was all new to me. Thanks to her excellent tutoring, I passed the test with flying colours. I am very grateful for Julia’s expertise. Ruth Grindrod.Passed FIRST ATTEMPT
Having lessons with Julia helped tremendously with my general driving skills. She is quietly spoken, patient and is very clear and detailed in her teaching. I became a lot more relaxed and confident after learning with her.


Julia is very clear in her instructions and provides plenty of information. She was professional and friendly. My son passed first time!
Judi Haederle


I had just two 90min lessons with Julia prior to my PDA in August 2016. I can honestly say, I don’t think I would have passed without her guidance. Her thoroughness and focus on safety and responsiveness was very helpful and will stick with me as I continue to learn.
Emma Coffey, 25


The best part of taking lessons from Julia is that she puts you at ease with the vehicle, the road and having conversations without interrupting your driving flow. She reminds and reiterates the importance of mirror checks, shoulder checks etc until you do it on your own. She is constantly assessing you to give you a review after the end of the class so that you can improve or concentrate on the particular gaps in your driving style.


Best of all, parking, she teaches you to park efficiently and safely. (Yes, I am taking about parallel parking and reverse parking)Thank you Julia!
Lekha 35


I had two driving instructors before Julia who I just didn’t feel comfortable with due to feeling under pressure and as if I didn’t know what I was doing (I didn’t – that is why I was having lessons!)


Julia instantly made me feel comfortable and sat and explained everything to me from the start, she went through everything to see what I knew and what I needed to know. She was friendly yet very professional and let me know where I was going wrong and how to correct it. She was great at explaining any easier ways to park, tricks of the trade, and also, that I didn’t have to do “push pull” with the steering wheel! Other instructors didn’t seem to know that this has been updated and that you can cross your arms to a certain degree.


I always felt safe with Julia and she even advised me to leave it a little bit longer before I took my test as she didn’t want me to fail and felt I needed more experience (also saved some money!). When I took my test I breezed through it and passed really well, a slight brain freeze with the handbrake but that was just nerves as the test instructor said. I felt confident during the test and that made a huge difference. I am so glad that I didn’t rush taking the test and that Julia suggested I wait until I was confident and proficient enough to pass – WHICH I DID FIRST TIME.

Thank you Julia.
Georgia Gibbons



I found Julia via google & I’m made up I did. Wish I had met her way earlier instead of wasting my money & time on 2 previous schools. She’s a very good, patient, professional & friendly instructor. She genuinely cares & has your best interest at heart. Helped me thoroughly prepared for my PDA & I passed once. She’s the best & would definitely recommend her. She also has a good sense of humour, explored Perth’s posh suburbs & all with me that I’ve not been to before & helped me develop my confidence of driving in the city which I never imagined I could. Thank you Julia & for the holiday tips too.
Thelma x


I had 10 lessons previously with another driving school and although the lady who instructed me was very kind and friendly, she was not honest and direct enough to tell me when I was doing something wrong or if it was a simpler way to do certain movement or giving me ideas on parking.


When I went for my first driving test I was fuelled with confidence because my instructor told me I was good and should pass, I failed miserably. I was told my parking was horrible, I was not confident on the road and some manoeuvres I was though and told to do by my instructor was not correct.


On my first day with Julia she basically stripped down all I was shown previously and we basically started from the beginning, telling me I don’t have to the bloody “pull push” and it is an easier ways to learn. She taught me how to park/reverse park within minutes….not joking. Her nature of explaining things is remarkable, things make sense and it sticks. She also provides you with free written study information which is very useful to skim through before and after a lesson to remind yourself what you have been doing.


Needless to say, I passed very easily. I was very confident and felt completely at easy. If she can teach me, believe me, she can teach anyone to be a driver.


Julia is truly the best. She is literally the poster girl for cool, calm and collected and I am so happy I met her. Thank you so much Julia. I will truly miss you, our drives and chats we had together.


Being a mature learner Julia gave me the confidence, belief and technical ability that multiple instructors had failed times before. That much so, I passed my practical assessment in 0 to 3 months and I thoroughly recommend Julia’s driving school. Hope that is ok. Also all is well and driving has changed my life I am extremely grateful. Thank you.


Thank you Julia! For giving me the confidence as a learning driver. I found it hard before to find a driving teacher with whom I was comfortable with and I know I am learning new skills that will enable me to be a safe driver on the road.
Alana F


Hi Julia, Thanks alot for learning me to drive and giving me back my confidence in driving.
Charles L


I miss you as my driving one is as good as you’ve changed 2 times now. I think I drive better before than now. All of them are too serious and definitely not as gentle as you. I can drive mum’s automatic car only at short distance but the lessons, I don’t look forward to however it’s the only way to learn
Richelle A


To Whom it May Concern:


In 2010 I was referred to Julia for driving lessons by a work colleague, who highly recommended Julia as a patient, thorough and professional instructor. I felt comfortable with Julia from the moment I met her, which calmed my nerves about getting on the road as a first time driver.


Julia is well organized, efficient and extremely competent. Her communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. When she could see that I didn’t understand something, she took the time to clearly explain again and would sometimes draw a diagram, always referring me to my user manual, which was extremely helpful and encouraging. She paid close attention to areas I needed to improve and never wasted time. Needless to say, I passed my driving lesson on the first attempt.I highly recommend Julia as a great instructor. I sure do wish she were still living in Brisbane, so that I may recommend her to my friends & family as a strong motivator and encouraging instructor. I highly recommended her to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Very professional and caring.
Yours Sincerely,


Julia has been my driving instructor and she is a great person. She succeeded in giving me the confidence that I needed to go through driving, especially after my first experience I had a long time ago that did not go well with my sister. She is aware of everything that is going on and making you get in different driving situations that you are facing in a daily traffic.


I am happy having her as my driving instructor and for me she is the best. In Melbourne we will be missing her skill.


Wishing her all the best. I am sure that she will be doing great because she will always give good advice, and make you feel confident and relaxed I had a great experience learning to drive with Julia especially because she was able to give me the confidence that i did not have. She is a great driving instructor and very calm and making every one comfortable and giving us different situation case for the future on driving. Well guess that I will miss you.
Ian L



My name is Reshe N, I have done 4 months of driving lessons with Julia, she has built my confidence in driving and make each our lesson enjoyable. She is very patient and has a great art of teaching and it not that easy to come across another teacher like her. I will highly recommend her to my friends.
Reshe N



I had the pleasure of having Julia as my driving Instructor last year. I had had a driving license from overseas, but I hadn’t driven after getting my license. Julia helped me improve both my driving skills and my confidence as a driver. I highly recommend her for her professionalism, expertise and patience.
Barbara M



I had a lifelong fear of driving, then at the age of 43 got my learner’s and was so very pleased that I met Julia. She is a very patient instructor who put me at my ease and I found very reassuring. Julia gives very clear uncomplicated instructions and is extremely good at explaining rules and manoeuvres so that I understood what I needed to do and she never seemed to tire answering my endless questions. I passed my test the first time, which is a credit to Julia as an instructor. I would highly recommend Julia to anyone, she’s just fantastic!
Cath M



Just reverse parallel parked in busy Rockeby Road between 2 cars, & lots of traffic Subiaco! You have taught me well 🙂 thank you!
Megan B



I’m writing this 20 minutes after I have just passed my PDA!

When I first started driving, I was a nervous wreck who couldn’t get in the car with either of family members since they were too nervous of driving with me. After lessons with Julia, I began feeling more confident in my driving that even my nervous family started relaxing in the car.

With Julia I obtained a perfect score driving my PDA and highly recommend Julia as a great driving instructor who is patient, friendly and motivational!
Rachel F



Hi Julia,

Just a quick email to say thank you for helping build my confidence again with my driving. It was indeed a pleasure to drive under your instruction and I hope that I will continue to drive as smoothly from now on. As much as I will miss your company on the drive and the sightseeing I will definitely retain all the little tips and details that you shared with me. I am hopefully taking a test drive this week / weekend and will be driving around in my new car before the end of this month. Once again thank you…you must have worked some magic as I am actually looking forward to having my own car and being able to go about on little sightseeing adventures on my own!



Julia, all I can say is you’re a really good instructor, and I’m glad I discovered you randomly while googling (: You’ve given me the confidence necessary to learn skills that I thought I would take ages to achieve but in just 4 lessons now, I feel so much more confident and actually look forward to my driving lessons and being on the road. And with our funny conversations while on lesson, you definitely lighten the mood up and as well as training me up to multitask. You’re definitely a ‘friendly service with a smile’ (: If you’re looking to learn how to drive with minimal stress, she’s the woman you’re looking for!

I have a learning disorder and I have been with a few instructors. Julia is a gifted teacher. Her ability sets her apart from other instructors. She has an uncanny ability to put me at ease which helped me with my driving. Secondly she has vast knowledge of driving, road rules and many hints which makes driving easier.



Hello there, my name is Rose I arrived in Australia from Africa with very little knowledge about driving. The idea of driving became a daunting task to me because I did know how I was going to make it. Nevertheless I was very determined to drive since am a mother and I needed to drive my kids in and out of school. The two previous instructors I had, made the whole process more scary than I had even imagined. I failed the assessment 3 times with one of them. I therefore decided to change him and look for another I instructor and it happened that I met Julia of Auto Julia’s driving school who revolutionised everything. With her maturity and sense of professionalism, i have been able to pass my driving assessment successfully. For you out there looking for an instructor, I recommend Auto Julia Driving School if you want to pass your driving assessment. Look no further. Thank you.



I recommend Julia’s driving school as her patience is exceptional she cares for all her applicants and meets their individual needs that are required to pass there practical driving assessment. Supporting you and believing in you is her speciality hence her being high in demand in this field if you want results and an upfront approach to crossing the line to passing your next stage I would strongly recommended her driving school as I have felt all the above and could not have chosen a better person to teach me to drive and pass my practical assessment with the confidence i had and skills required thank you Julia you are truly appreciated from your driving student Brooke :)Brooke

Julia was my driving instructor and took me to passing my test from being a very inexperienced driver. She is an excellent instructor, focusing on making you a better and safer driver and passing your test, not getting people back for lessons as long as possible. I thoroughly enjoyed learning with Julia and wouldn’t of passed my test without her teaching, and I would recommend her to anyone who needs a driving instructor.

Thanks again for your help in teaching me how to drive.



I found Julia to be a Driving Instructor who is patient, encouraging and relaxed. Especially good with nervous drivers, like myself. She does makes sure you understand the required rules, regulations and driving techniques to pass your driving test. I can highly recommend her teaching style. I successfully passed the test .Many thanks Julia.
Debra Muir

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