LEARNING DIFFICULTIES Driving Lessons in Sydney

Do you have learning difficulties? Deciding to learn to drive can feel like a major life challenge but the rewards can be a major life changer.

Finding someone good who can help you can mean the difference between you achieving your goal or not. It is important that you find someone that is right for you and your personality. Julia provides people with Learning Difficulties Driving Lessons in Sydney. Julia provides Learning Difficulties Driving Lessons in Sydney in the Shire and St George and Rockdale areas.

Julia specialises in and has extensive experience teaching a wide range of students, including people with Learning Difficulties, AUTISM, Asperger’s Syndrome, Anxiety, Nervous Beginners, Older learners, ADHD and more. If you are looking for Learning Difficulties Driving Lessons in Sydney Julia is your person. Have you thought about what sort of instructor would suit you the best? Would you like to be taught by someone PATIENT, someone who explains things simply and can answer all your questions? Julia provides Learning Difficuties Driving Lessons in Sydney. Whatever driving skills you need to master, owner and operator Julia can help! Specialising in reverse parallel parking, lane changing, traffic and roundabouts. All lessons are with Julia to ensure the highest in quality for each and every student. Julia has 23 years plus of teaching experience and is trained in both advanced and defensive driving techniques. Julia is Patient, Calm, Friendly & Softly spoken. She can make learning to drive a much easier experience. Julia is very informative and her Learning Difficulties Driving Lessons in Sydney can help you reach your goal at your pace and in your time. 

Choose Julia’s Learning Difficulties Driving Lessons in Sydney for quality and reliability. Dont let past bad experiences stop you. Contact Julia now and discover how Julia can help you get your drivers licence.

Call or SMS Julia now on 0435 071 232.