If you’re looking for a driving instructor you can trust, look no further than Julia’s Driving School. With over 20 years of teaching experience, Julia is the trusted name in quality driving lessons in Canterbury. Julia is the owner and operator of Julia’s Driving School, administering all lessons to ensure all students receive the same high quality level of training. Patient, calm, friendly and softly spoken, Julia prides herself on being able to teach anyone to drive – including high school students, people with learning difficulties, previously failed drivers, people with Autism and more. Julia really offers the most calm and expert driving lessons in Canterbury.

For your convenience, Julia offers a variety of flexible lesson packages. Lessons can be performed in Julia’s new automatic dual control Toyota Corolla or your own manual or automatic car. Specialising in reverse parallel parking, lane changing and roundabouts, Julia is committed to making her students feel comfortable in executing even the trickiest of manoeuvres, confidently and safely. And with training in both advanced and defensive driving techniques and teaching experience in Australia’s four biggest cities, you can rest assured that Julia will teach you the best techniques in reactionary driving. With Julia’s driving lessons in Canterbury, you’ll be among the safest and most confident drivers on the road.

Take advantage of Julia’s calm and friendly expertise. SMS or call 0435 071 232 today and start your journey to confident driving.