6 Great Reasons to Take Professional Driving Lessons

6 Great Reasons To Take Professional Driving Lessons


Are you ready to get your licence?


Learning how to drive is considered to be a rite of passage, for both grown-ups and teenagers.


However, especially in cases where the parent is acting as the instructor, this can turn out to be an uneasy time. With busy schedules it can also be tough to find the time to help your child build their skillset.


In the long run, you can gain a lot by simply choosing to leave the work to a professional driving instructor.


This means getting the confidence you need and the skills needed to pass your driving test with flying colours.


The following 6 of the main advantages of taking driving lessons from a professional instructor.  




#1 – Improved Safety Levels


One of the most important lessons you should learn revolve around safe driving.


You will be able to learn some of the most important road safety rules by enrolling into a professional certified driving institution. You will learn defensive driving skills, how to avoid road collisions and drive safely in changing weather conditions, in addition to mastering better techniques when driving.


In short, you will be better positioned to ensure the safety of all road users, including yourself, as a result of mastering traffic guidelines.   


#2 – Improved Road Test Preparedness


Your chances of completing the road test successfully, will receive a massive boost by attending driving lessons offered by a professional instructor.


With that in mind, real life scenarios on the road, involving things like tackling problems and challenges commonly encountered on the road will be tested during each test.


During the real test, you are bound to experience lower levels of stress as such practice improves your confidence levels significantly.


#3 – Confidence Boost


One of the common issues affecting inexperienced drivers is the lack of confidence. NLP experts explain that, during emergency situations, the risk of accidents and collisions can cause unnecessary fear. This can manifest into negative thoughts and actually increase the chances of an accident occurring.


To help you better handle the different real life scenarios you might encounter on the road, getting lessons from a professional instructor can give your confidence a huge boost.


Furthermore, such training will help combat careless and overconfident driving, among other bad habits.  


#4 – Top Level Instruction


Ascertaining the background of the instructor is essential before registering for a driving course.


The problem is that most driving schools do not publish the qualifications of their instructors online. It is highly advantageous for you to deal with a driving school that makes it possible for you to pick your instructor via their website. As such, you get to hand pick your very own instructor from the institution’s staff.


Experience, accreditations, and proper licensing are some of the main qualities to look for when it comes to choosing the right instructor. Other factors such as availability, reviews, ratings by learners and language may also be considered.


#5 – Cost Savings


Most people use the enrolment cost as their main reason for avoiding professional driving courses. The reality on the other hand is quite different, what you learn in exchange is worth every cent paid. Finance experts Metro explain that “new drivers who have completed their driving courses successfully usually get discounts from car insurance companies. The cost of professional lessons is an investment in your future. With professional teaching you’ll reduce the chance of getting tickets, breaking road rules, and incurring larger fines.”


Your risk of getting into accidents will be ultimately reduced, as you will have learnt how to drive safer. Not only will this help safeguard your life but is also likely to help save you a lot of money in the long run.   


#6 – Keep Up With Changes In Traffic Regulations

File source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Chicago_2007-4.jpg


You will need to keep up with any changes to traffic rules and regulations, considering the fact that they tend to occur on a regular basis. Professional instructors not only teach you about the current laws but also strive to keep you up to date with any new amendments.


There are many advantages of taking professional driving lessons, as you can see from the above.


You will not only become a better driver, keep up with any changes to traffic rules, and get licensed sooner rather than later.


So, what is holding you back? Speak to the friendly team at Julia’s Driving School to start your journey on the road!



Written by: Aria McNeil